27. Tight Characterizations for Preprocessing against Cryptographic Salting

with Fangqi Dong and Kewen Wu


26. How (not) to Build QPKE in Minicrypt 

with Longcheng Li, Qian Li and Xingjian Li



25. On the Hardness of S|LWE> with Gaussian and Other Amplitudes

with Yilei Chen, Zihan Hu, Han Luo and Yaxin Tu

[Link] In submission

24. On Time-Space Lower Bounds for Finding Short Collisions in Sponge Hash Functions

with Akshima, Xiaoqi Duan and Siyao Guo

[Link] TCC' 23

23. Classical vs Quantum Advice under Classically-Accessible Oracle.

with Xingjian Li, Angelos Pelecanos and Takashi Yamakawa

[Link] ITCS' 24

22. Cloning Games: A General Framework for Unclonable Primitives

with Prabhanjan Ananth and Fatih Kaleoglu

[Link] CRYPTO' 23


21. Non-uniformity, Quantum Advice in the Quantum Random Oracle Model

[Link] EUROCRYPT' 23, QIP' 23 (contributed talk)

20. Memory-Sample Lower Bounds for Learning with Classical-Quantum Hybrid Memory

with Ran Raz and Wei Zhan

[Link] STOC' 23, QIP' 23 (contributed talk)

19. The NISQ Complexity of Collision Finding

with Yassine Hamoudi and Makrand Sinha

[Link] EUROCRYPT' 24

18. Depth-Bounded Quantum Cryptography with Applications to One-Time Memory and More

[Link] (full version will be uploaded soon) ITCS' 23, QIP' 23 (contributed talk)

17. On the Feasibility of Unclonable Encryption, and More

with Prabhanjan Ananth, Fatih Kaleoglu, Xingjian Li, and Mark Zhandry

[Link] CRYPTO' 22, QIP' 23 (contributed talk)

16. Time-Space Lower Bounds for Finding Collisions in Merkle-Damgard Hash Functions

with Akshima and Siyao Guo

[Link] CRYPTO' 22, invited to JoC

15. Collusion-Resistant Copy-Protection for Watermarkable Functionalities

with Jiahui Liu, Luowen Qian, and Mark Zhandry

[Link] TCC' 22, QIP' 23 (contributed talk)


14. Beating Classical Impossibility of Position Verification

with Jiahui Liu and Luowen Qian

[Link] ITCS'22, QIP'22 (contributed talk)

13. Quantum Algorithms for Variants of Average-Case Lattice Problems via Filtering

with Yilei Chen and Mark Zhandry

[Link] EUROCRYPT'22, QIP'22 (contributed talk), invited to JoC

12. Hidden Cosets and Applications to Unclonable Cryptography 

with Andrea Coladangelo, Jiahui Liu, and Mark Zhandry

[Link] CRYPTO'21, QCRYPT'21 (contributed talk), QIP'22 (contributed talk, joint submission with Eric Culf and Thomas Vidick link)

11. On the Impossibility of Post-Quantum Black-Box Zero-Knowledge in Constant Rounds

with Nai-Hui Chia, Kai-Min Chung, and Takashi Yamakawa

[Link] FOCS'21, QCRYPT'21 (contributed talk), QIP'22 (contributed talk, joint submission with link)


10. Unifying Presampling via Concentration Bounds

with Siyao Guo, Qian Li, and Jiapeng Zhang

[Link] TCC'21

9. New Approaches for Quantum Copy-Protection

with Scott Aaronson, Jiahui Liu, Mark Zhandry, and Ruizhe Zhang

[Link] CRYPTO'21, TQC'21 (contributed talk)

8. Tight Quantum Time-Space Tradeoffs for Function Inversion

with Kai-Min Chung, Siyao Guo, and Luowen Qian

[Link]  FOCS'20, invited to TQC'21 as one of the keynotes (presented by Kai-Min Chung) 

7. Quantum Immune One-Time Memories

with Amit Sahai and Mark Zhandry



6. Revisiting Post-Quantum Fiat-Shamir

with Mark Zhandry

[Link]  CRYPTO'19


5. On Finding Quantum Multi-collisions 

with Mark Zhandry

[Link]  EUROCRYPT'19


4. Decomposable Obfuscation: A Framework for Building Applications of Obfuscation From Polynomial Hardness 

with Mark Zhandry

[Link]  TCC'17, invited to JoC

Before 2016 (miscellaneous, during my undergraduate)

3. Arboral Satisfaction: Recognition and LP Approximation

with Erik Demaine, Varun Ganesan, Vladislav Kontsevoi, Quanquan C. Liu, Fermi Ma, Ofir Nachum, Aaron Sidford, Erik Waingarten and Daniel Ziegler

[Link]  IPL'17

2. Inductive Coloring: Implementing Basic Communication Primitives with Rayleigh-fading Interference

with Yuexuan Wang, Dongxiao Yu and Francis CM Lau

[Link]  INFOCOM'16

1. Mechanism Design for Route Allocation in Multiple-Commodity Network

with Yicheng Liu and Pingzhong Tang

[Link]  AAMAS'14